Health monitoring app: track injuries and illness with your athletes

Overuse injuries are a major problem in both young and adult athletes and according to recent research the actual number is greatly underestimated. Nonetheless, many overuse injuries can easily be avoided by identifying minor inconveniences before they become a problem. The OSLO Sports Trauma Research Center has developed an app with SpartaNova, collecting valuable information from athletes for doctors and physiotherapists to monitor.

By following up on minor issues, overuse injuries can often be avoided. Recent research indeed shows that effective registration and prevention of injuries can maximize the available training time and lead to better performance. The advantages are not limited to the individual athlete as the collected data also allows keeping track and monitoring of injuries in larger groups of athletes.

Furthermore, it requires limited time from doctor and physio because the athlete is responsible to fill out a few questions on a weekly basis on mobile or tablet. After mapping the number, nature and severity of injuries reported and diagnosed, the baseline information is all at hand to implement an effective prevention strategy and thus minimize injuries. The video below gives a short summary of the system and its outcomes (Source: Clarsen et al 2012).

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