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For Experts

  • Map risk factors and sport-specific injuries for an individual athlete
  • Full and basic screening available for 16 different sports disciplines – with more to come!
  • Meet a growing network of professionals like you to learn, share and grow

SpartaNova is cutting-edge in injury prevention, rehab and training, and we offer a world-class standard in injury prevention screening. Our extensive relationships with science partners as well as with top field experts let us bring you the most robust scientific evidence available to any professional working with athletes. Our approach has proven successful for elite and recreational athletes of any age. We’re confident it will prove successful for you – and your athletes, too.

For Athletes

  • Get screened for injury risk factors specific to your sport activity
  • Follow a personalized training program with photos and video support
  • Discover our network and find a SpartaNova Expert near you

How well do you know your own weak points – and what to do about them? Based on a 1-hour sport-specific screening, your SpartaNova Expert will build a personal injury risk profile and advise you on how best to train to reduce your risk. Then just log in to your own account online to visit your profile, get your training program, and communicate with your expert. Every risk factor covered has an exercise, all designed to be doable at home with a minimum of equipment.


For Experts

  • Ensure a safe return to sport after injury
  • Validated testing procedures built on the latest, reviewed research insights
  • Clear and objective reporting helps communicate with medical professionals

The rehab module is designed to get the athlete returning to their sport in the smartest, safest way. The clear, criteria-based and standardized approach, using milestones and objectives, is appreciated by physiotherapists, surgeons, and doctors, and adds to the patient’s comfort and peace of mind on the road back to the playing field.

For Athletes

  • Return safely to your pre-injury level of activity
  • Testing and programs are based on the latest research on injury-specific rehabilitation
  • Keep a direct communication line with your physiotherapist during the rehab process

Getting injured is one thing, but every athlete knows how frustrating it is to get back to your pre-injury condition. The rehab module helps you get there surely and safely – with less chance of landing yourself another setback. With clear reporting on your progress, evidence-based testing, and the right exercises, you’ll be back on track with confidence. 


For Experts

  • Access to validated performance tests for various sports disciplines
  • Add your own tests with benchmarks
  • Insightful, graphical reporting, including team comparison features

Collect, analyze, and report on data based on performance tests in the SpartaNova library, or on your own tests that you enter in. The graphical reporting is easy to read and shows progress clearly, helping you inspire your athletes with their own hard work. Dig in to the data with options for trend analysis and comparisons over time, including between teams.

For Athletes

  • Get real evidence for your performance level and capabilities for your sport
  • Benchmarked test results indicate where to concentrate your training
  • Test results and training programs available online

The performance tool includes performance and other tests created by your trainer, coach, physio or doctor to assess your specific performance or fitness level and to identify those areas where you could use more targeted training. Test results and training programs can be consulted online on your personal account.


For Experts

  • Look up over 700 exercises with one click
  • Proven exercises for prevention, rehab or performance training
  • Add your own exercises and create training program templates

The online exercise library and training programs offer you plenty of alternatives and ways to tailor training towards injury prevention, performance goals, or rehab. Every exercise is supported with photos and video, so your athletes can do them with confidence when they’re on their own.

For Athletes

  • Hundreds of exercises, all with video, photo, and text descriptions
  • Schedule and record each exercise in your personal calendar
  • Your program is tailored to your own movement

Take your program with you everywhere online – or print out an easy-to-follow version. Your individual training program is based on your particular injury risk profile, rehab criteria, or performance parameters.  All exercises have clear and simple instructions, as well as photos and video, to help you make sure you’re executing them as best you can.


For Experts

  • Collect day-to-day information on their mental game with a mobile app
  • Detect signals of overreaching with your athlete
  • Adapt training based on continuous feedback from the athlete

Based on daily input from your athletes, you’ll have extra insight into how they’re coping with their training. If you can spot the signals of overreaching or overtraining, and adapt their workload, you can keep your athletes going with the mental strength they need.

For Athletes

  • Build your own baseline where you feel at your best
  • Give personal feedback on your training load with our diary app
  • Prevent overtraining with modifications to your training regime

You take care of your body – but how’s your mental game?  With your own input on your training and how you feel about it, SpartaNova can give your trainer a heads-up before you overreach. It’s much easier to slow down than to recover, so you’ll also get an adapted training load to get you through the hump.